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the big feet started to be many getting up.He Xin, bear dollar once the identically equal aggression member of team start to see Gao Qiu and keep inserting like point knife two classes of empress defense lines for two years, momentary, 22 classes of door front nervous atmosphere of war and turmoil.
The leaf jade tiger cans not consider of a military tactics arrangement and also runs back to help to defend and also have tenth, minute the first half field ended and said what can not throw ball, either.
"Leaf jade tiger, return to!Otherwise I make you be wicketkeeper!"Liao learns a soldier to loudly shout.
The leaf jade tiger takes advantage o time of dying the ball and runs to be present the side interrogation way:"Liao's coach, do you defend to become critical after doing not see?I am foolish fore the noodles could not take ball to have what use."
Have no big have no small ……do you ask me?I am how can anyone know.
"Feed, Li Qian, don't the Leng write.You tell him, foolish fore the noodles has what use?"Liao learns soldier's way.
Li Qian early has preparation and not and tightly and not and slowly says:", Is such.You at least can lead long to make the other party 1-2 to defend member of team, and still have Wang Long fore noodles, the other party doesn't dare to all press to come up, otherwise we even if only suffered beating.Liao's coach has already thoughted of a counterplan, you as long as fore the noodles makes the other party staring at the dead that on the eighth, their aggression will dumb fire.Try quickly.Otherwise let you to beat wicketkeeper position."
Wait a leaf the jade tiger continue to throw in a game, Liao learns a soldier to just ask:"I ain't understand, what lately isn't more severe Yao, you how don't call leaf jade tiger does this macho man stare at him?But stare at that thin and feeble of the eighth?This not is wait together a waste of resources?"
"31 classes of aggression cores is what lately quite good, but organize core is a list small of the back the eighth, if can fix the eighth, 31 classes of ground offensives will weaken half, our defended pressure to reduce naturally.The player's function because of military tactics but difference, what is lately severe, but we break off with hand medium the field contact his ground, he can be that have no tooth to test a tiger."
Then Li Qian pointed chairman's set again, way:"Beat for instance, do you feel that the president mixs to have prospect to the hooligan?"
The useless talk certainly has no prospect!……Stared at to die for the elephant the eighth, He Xin had no prospect similar.Old Liao listens to again and again nod and sigh a way:"Listen to a words of gentleman, the Mao fills to open, Li Qian, you not the Kui is a super coach ……of assistant."
Way before Lee:"That is also elder brother Bing your power of understanding is the highest."
Both parties at in field's contesting have already tended white-knuckle, leaf jade tiger regardless of identity, pull Ye sports clothes, descend black feet, small action repeatedly, often return to military tactics violate the rules, finally make three years a class of No.8 Yao hair get up, put together to rob medium give a leaf jade tiger is one arm elbow.
The leaf jade tiger gave up more to insist at this time the ground is cold for several years male image, comply with the surrounding to pour lawn up, roll around of, loudly Hao call, again point again benefit, its form pain and sufferings such as funeral test Bi.Even in several ten meters far grandstand up can hear he tore heart crack lung of cry to shout.
"Is strong!Have no words to say.Old Liao was in mind to give him the Shu of thumb.
Field next two years two classes of students of view wars see a form loudly protest against:"How to literally hit persons on the eighth."Seriously despise the eighth!" Rape by turn on the eighth!""Dare to beat me tiger, use mineral spring bottle to throw to die you!"Malice violate the rules, What a the person's residue shameless lout!"The red card punishes bottoms!"……
The situation is also rigorous, besides personally witness, force the assize have to produce a red card to the eighth.
By so doing, was in need of the eighth of accurate long spread, are a class of for three years of the offensive down sharply down again, are two classes of for two years pour is make use of have of a few backstroke opportunities, made some troubles for them, the leaf jade tiger forms near personal ability after 23 side roads break of the high qualities spread in, if not that front of outflank and attack of the member of team are too little, the leaf jade tiger completed to help and offend.
Girl's seeing all of ball great majorities is blunt handsome boys come of, his performance aroused two classes of girls naturally one scream, make other boys living to envy Ji so much, among this also include old Liao.
The medium field Shao rings out.

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